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Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things. This collection contains photos, videos, and texts from past EMF events and is managed by the EMF archive team.

If you have content from an EMF event which you'd like to submit for archiving, please fill in this form. For removal requests and other questions, please email

Significant items in this collection include:
This collection does not (currently) contain the following content, which we believe to be securely hosted elsewhere, at least for the moment:
  • Video of talks from EMF 2014, which are available on YouTube.
  • Video of talks from EMF 2016 onwards, which are available on YouTube and

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Electromagnetic Field
by James Harrison
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This is a LIDAR scan of Eastnor Castle Deer park, kindly conducted by Gigaclear using their survey van with the assistance of James Harrison. James has published some more details on it here .
Topics: electromagnetic field, emfcamp, lidar, eastnor, eastnor castle